Our classic spray scents are back!!

A quick and easy product to freshen and dress your interior, leaves a matte / oem finish with no greasy silicones or oils.

Available in 5 scents; Vitreo (Fruity), Graphite (Exotic), Bubblegum (Slicks Tyre Dressing), Pumpkin Spice (as The Name Suggests;) and Vortex (A Super Sweet Scent)


Spray onto fabrics and allow to dwell.

Spray onto plastic, leather and other surfaces and wipe away with a clean cloth.

Always test small areas first.

Colour: White / Pink.
Scent: Various  
Size: 500ml
pH: 7 
Shelf Life: 12-36 Months
Storage: Do not store in direct sunlight. Store 5C-25C Ideally