The ideal prep before wax application. The gentle solvents leave your paint clean and smooth removing old wax and contamination.

The gentle solvent will quickly remove tar, glue, bugs and other contamination.

The pH7 formula is safe on vinyl wrap and matte paint.

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Apply with a cloth or foam pad. Wash the paintwork first, you can apply straight onto wet bodywork but for best results dry first.

Wet the cloth or pad with the solution and gently wipe the surface. Leave for 1-2 minutes and remove residue with a clean microfibre cloth.

For tar removal work in the solution for 10-20 seconds and remove, repeat if required.

Before applying wax re-wash the vehicle with very hot water, rinsing well.Do not use on glass or interior surfaces.

Colour: Clear.
Scent: None  
Size: 500ml
pH: 7 
Shelf Life: 12-36 Months
Storage: Do not store in direct sunlight. Store 5C-25C Ideally


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