Clean dirt and grime from your cars interior with ease with our interior cleaner.

Just spray and wipe to remove heavy dirt on sills, vinyl, rubber, plastic and upholstery.

It is totally safe, doesn’t contain any alcohol or nasties, just pro ingredients and a fresh deodorising scent.

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On interior surfaces spray directly onto the area and wipe
with a warm damp cloth. Repeat if required.

On upholstery and carpet spray and agitate with a warm
damp cloth.

For heavy dirt you should repeat using warm
water to rinse the cloth each time. You can also use in
machines at a dilution of 1:10 parts water.

On delicate surfaces such as alcantara and leather always test
first and use a non staining / dye safe cloth.
Follow with our interior detailers to add a subtle OEM finish.

Colour: None.
Scent: Fizzy / Fresh. 
Size: 500ml
pH: 7 
Shelf Life: 12-36 Months
Storage: Do not store in direct sunlight. Store 5C-25C Ideally


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