Edition 18 was initially released in Waxybox and saw our best feedback so far in our wax development. With this in mind we continued development until finally releasing it into our range.

Some of the ingredients and part of the formula is shared with our signature wax Vitreo, however the wax contains zero carnauba and instead is a blend of softer waxes and polymers.

The finish is jaw droppingly glossy, reflections are sharp and water dances on the surface until it finds a way off! The hydrophobic coating produces lovely round waterbeads and insane microbeads in drizzle. The coconut scented wax spreads like a soft butter, cures within 8-12 minutes and removes with minimal effort..


Apply the wax using a quality foam applicator and light pressure. The wax is extremely easy to spread so use sparingly to avoid over applying.

Curing times vary from 6 minutes on a hot day and dark colour to over 16 minutes on a cold day.

The wax is ready when it is no longer wet or oily.

Use a quality microfibre cloth with light pressure to remove the wax and buff to a final finish.


Colour: None / Natural.
Scent: Coconut
Size: 200ml 

All our waxes are hand poured in small batches to order.
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