Instead of making ready to use products, we have split them into components so you can decide how you build them. This means you can add the qty of active ingredients to suit you job.

What Do I Buy First?

There are so many options but to start yourself off you should order the Lustre Base, a colour and a scent. With this you can complete your own spray wax or use the base with other additives such as XP4 to create new stand alone products such as Ceramic QD, Gloss enhancer and more.

Explain The XP Range

Our XP additives are what will make your products produce more gloss, durability and beading. They range from Synthetic (XP1), Carnauba (XP2), Si02 (XP3) and Ceramic Technology (XP4) and all have different characteristics depending on what you want to make.


Elements makes much more sense for your pocket, for instance making a Ceramic QD will cost just £2 in ingredients for 500ml, or £3 for a Gloss enhancer.

How Do I Blend?

All of our bases, additives, colours and scents are waterbased, this means they will easily mix together. It is good practice to use our 50ml mixing cup to test your mix before changing the full size base.

Why the need for customisation?

Ready to use products are made in 'Safe Mode' as they have to suit everyone worldwide, regardless of climate, experience or the job in hand. Look at car manufacturers, you buy a generic engine map, yet underneath you can remap and unlock more performance, Elements allows you to dial in the performance!

Base or New.

Our bases are so concentrated that you can either use them as stand alone products in their own right or use a proportion of them mixed with deionized water and other elements to create totally new products.

To Much XP?

You can add too much of the XP additives, there is a balance between performance and usability, if you add too much XP then you will find the product difficult to buff off over large surfaces or it leaves spotting when you spray it on. Use our mixer bottles to test blends before making full sizes.