At the core of our heritage are our ultra hydrophobic luxury hand crafted waxes, poured individually by hand and presented in our black glass 200ml jars. We develop everything in house, road testing with thousands of worldwide customers and keeping original blends at the heart of our brand.


Our favourite 3 blends get all the attention with a year round availability in over 20+ countries. Each jar is hand poured to order, so you can own a truly special part of our waxcraft.
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Each wax in our line up tells a part of our story from the early break throughs like ED18 with it's polymer only base to ED21 ou first wax to contain Si02. These are released in short runs through the year.

We never stop dreaming up new ideas, in fact we've always got something cooking quite literally! When blends are due for release we run BETA versions to road test before their release, check our social networks for updates on this in future.