We bring you Instabead, the next level in touchless coatings!

Spray on via a foam lance and rinse for a finish that will rival hand applied wax and ceramic coatings!


It works on all paint types, matt, wraps and more, it is safe on trim, wheels, tyres and glass! It NEVER leaves spotting or marring, you are guaranteed hassle free application every time.


Our own XP4 ceramic tech lays down an extremely smooth layer that creates a jaw dropping finish, bonding to leave a tough coating that will last weeks if not months.

You can buy a RTU (ready to use) mix, using 100ml per car or an Ultra concentrate 2.5LTR which makes 25LTRS. You can even dilute this up to 1:50 as a rinse aid.


It works on all hard surfaces including glass! It is safe to use directly on glass and will not smear, it will repel water at speeds of 50mph+ improving vision.