This cutting edge wax contains a hybrid blend of traditional waxes such as montan and carnauba blended with powders derived from
B2O3 ceramics. The glass like elements have been refined, making them possible to melt into our wax formulation, they add increased hardness, smoothness and therefore quality of finish, with the hydrophobic agents giving kudos extreme water repellency.

The wax is our easiest to use to date, it spreads over entire panels with ease, curing gently to finally be buffed with minimal pressure. This wax gives you Ceramic beating performance with DIY application.

Expect 9-12 Months durability on an un-garaged daily driver. 



Apply the wax using a quality foam applicator and light pressure. The wax is extremely easy to spread so use sparingly to avoid over applying.

Curing times vary from 6 minutes on a hot day and dark colour to over 16 minutes on a cold day.

The wax is ready when it is no longer wet or oily.

Use a quality microfibre cloth with light pressure to remove the wax and buff to a final finish.


Colour: None / Natural.
Scent: Sweet / Fruity
Size: 200ml 

All our waxes are hand poured in small batches to order.
You can get a refill once your pot is empty at a discounted rate
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