Instabead Ceramic Wet Coating

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This is a revolutionary product that truly competes with hand applied coatings, it is extremely powerful and is the next generation of spray on wet coatings / sealants.

Spray on clean rinsed (wet) bodywork ideally via a snowfoam lance for maximum and even coverage, then simply rinse and dry for instant application. The ceramic tech bonds to leave a seriously tough coating which wraps your paint in a highly reflective and hydrophobic layer. This is strong enough to withstand further washes, road contamination, dirt and up to 12 weeks of every day motoring. Works on paintwork, glass, trim and wheels!

Don't confuse this with other spray on wet coatings, we have designed this to compete with hand applied wax and ceramic coatings, this isn't a rinse aid or si02 wet coat, this is a stand alone LSP (last stage protection) that uses the same ingredients as our latest Graphene wax resulting in a finish to rival the best concourse waxes on the market.

This 5 LTR Ready To Use mix will give you up to 50+ applications at full power, it can also be diluted further to still work as a wet coat and even further as a rinse aid.

Size 2 Ltrs
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