Slicksuds Wheel Shampoo

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SlicksSuds is a coating safe wheel shampoo that safely lifts dirt without removing nanotechnology and waxed based coatings.Waxaddict wheel wax removes the need for heavy wheel cleaners, however if you still want a product to lift the dirt and brake dust when cleaning then SlickSuds is ideal.A spray on cleaner that gives great lubrication and cleaning power.

Directions: SHAKE WELL. Ideally pre rinse the wheel first. Spray a generous amount of SlickSuds onto the wheel rim and immediatley work around the wheel with a wheel mitt or quality foam pad. Rinse well to ensure all product has been removed and for best results dry with a quality microfibre cloth.SlickSuds can also be used on Tyre Walls and Bodywork.

Size 2 Ltrs

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