Waxcraft 5kg Trial Kit

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The Waxcraft Trial Kit comes with a mixture of ingredients to make your very own home brew wax and is the first no obligation step in building a long term business opportunity supported by Waxaddict.

In this kit you will get enough ingredients to make 5KG of our Vitreo level polymer base. This will fill 25x 200ml jars. You can source the jars online, any PET or HDPE plastic, glass or aluminium sample jar will be suitable.

The trial kit gives you a hands on demo before becoming a more dedicated brewer, once you are happy with the concept you can buy ingredients in bulk to develop your range further.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFO Melting wax and our specialist chemicals requires some basic equipment and protective clothing, a list of which will be provided with your kit. You should budget around £50-£100 for this before you start brewing. The fumes from heated wax can be dangerous and should not be melted over naked flames or in poorly ventilated areas.

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