XP4 Ceramic Additive

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Revolutionary Ceramic additive, easily emulsified in waterbased and alcohol based products. Adds next level gloss, durability, hydrophobicity, treating paint, glass, trim and more.

The component is extremely versatile, concentrated and great value. You can use in virtually any waterbased or alcohol based product; use in a spray and wipe product such as qd, spray wax and waterless wash, wheel wax, tyre sprays, glass cleaner, screen wash and more,

This 20ml pipette bottle contains approx 1000 drops.

Examples for use;
Spray & Wipe; Add 1-10 drops into any 500ml spray product.

Glass Sealant; Add 1+ drops into 50ml glass cleaner to create a hydrophobic sealant

Spray Wax; Add 5+ drops into 500ml of deionized water to create your own spray wax.

Wash; Add 5 drops into 50ml of shampoo to create a ceramic wash.

Pre Wash; Add 25 drops into 1 ltr of snowfoam to create a hybrid pre wash

Wet Coat; Add 10+ drops into 500ml of deionized water to create ceramic a wet coat.

Wet Coat +; Add 50 drops into 1 ltr of water and spray via a foam lance for a super concentrated ceramic wet coat.

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