Simply mix a 20ml shot with 5 litres of water and
pour over your car. Water spreads the solution evenly
across the paintwork and oxygen cures it causing the
water to slowly sheet off the vehicle leaving a truly
touchless wax finish.

The protective coating bonds with the paintwork to
create a smooth layer that will last through weeks of

Once treated, your car will repel dust,
staying cleaner for longer and will be easier to clean.
You can repeat with each wash to further improve
gloss and durability.

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Wash and rinse your car as normal.

Pour 20ml (4 cap fulls) into 5 litres of warm water using a watering can or bucket.

Pour onto the vehicle one panel at a time and watch as the solution cures to dry and wax your car in

Colour: Purple.
Scent: None.
Size: 500ml
pH: 7 
Shelf Life: 12 Months +
Storage: Do not store in direct sunlight. Store 5C-25C Ideally