Remove dirt and grime from your bike, cloths and kit.

Spray and wipe to clean quickly and easily, general dirt is easily lifted and removed without the need of a hose or pressure washer which can damage your drivetrain and bearing

Safe to use with our bike frame coating.

Two new bike products coming on 24.3
Two new bike products coming on 24.3

Spray and wipe after riding, ideally whilst dirt is fresh or still wet. This avoids overusing the product and over scrubbing which could scratch your frame.

Shake Well, spray on the whole bike and leave for 30-60 seconds. Use a damp cloth and wipe away the solution, starting with the upper frame, downtube, forks, seat stays and finally chain stays.

Use a separate cloth to wipe down wheels, hubs & cranks.Re-lube your drivetrain the next time you ride.

Colour: Purple.
Scent: Sweet  
Size: 500ml
pH: 7 
Shelf Life: 12-36 Months
Storage: Do not store in direct sunlight. Store 5C-25C Ideally


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