earn extra income wax brewing

With the strange times that we find ourselves in we have been adjusting our goals for 2020. To help those stuck at home earn an extra income we are starting an exciting new opportunity for wax brewers, ANYONE CAN JOIN. 

We provide our rare and exotic ingredients in kit form with instructions for blending. Hand crafted wax is a lucrative market, and with the ability to work from home this is a genuine long term business.


We supply the starter kit with instructions and support for blending. When you are happy with your creations you decide the price and resell on social networks, shopping platforms such as ebay, amazon etc. Please note we no longer supply pots but these can be easily sourced.









You can start your own website and even sell at car shows. Successful blends may even find their way to our network of distributors and resellers.


Our brewing category will be your portal to buy our very own raw ingredients, polymer bases, natural waxes, oils, carriers and more specialist ingredients like si02, ceramic and more.

Start with our demo kit at just £120 which will provide 1 KG of wax (20x 50ml jars to resell)

With your demo kit we give you insights into how to design attributes like gloss, durability, water beading and more. You will also be able to reorder our ingredients for larger batches.

We will list the equipment you need upon signup which will cost you around £100 if you dont already have the items in your kitchen.

Your wax cost per 50ml jar will start at £5, for a basic wax, you should aim to resell these for £10+

It is realistic to be pouring and selling 10-20 per week for just a few hours work. With full time serious commitment, the opportunity is limitless.