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Instabead Ceramic Wet Coat(c)

Instabead Ceramic Wet Coat(c)

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This is a revolutionary ceramic based wet coat, with hands free application and an instant high gloss durable bond. This can be used as stand alone protection or on top of other coatings. Spray on clean rinsed (wet) paintwork, plastics and glass then simply rinse and dry for instant application. The ceramic tech bonds into an extremely tough coating, leaving glass water repellent and your paint extremely reflective and super hydrophobic.

Directions: Dilute 50ml of concentrate with 450ml of water & pour into a 500ml spray bottle. Spray on after washing and rinsing (whilst the car is wet). Rinse and dry as normal.

250ml Makes 2.5LTRS (Approx 50 applications)

Comes With FREE Mixing cup and 500ml spray bottle

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