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Invincible Custom Marbled Painted Wax

Invincible Custom Marbled Painted Wax

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This is a rare blend for a Japanese customer  

A custom formula designed to leave behind a thick layer of organic waxes infused with ceramic oils. The ultra tough coating reflects a deep lustre whilst the hydrophobic layer reduces friction, keeping your paint cleaner and making it easier to maintain.

Apply the wax by hand only using a 90PPI foam applicator with light pressure. Treat panel by panel in circular motions followed by straight lines for maximum bond. Curing times vary depending on temperature, car colour and even wind speed, only allow to cure until the oils evaporate, finger test to feel for oilyness, once dry gently buff in the same direction as applied. Use a quality low pile microfibre cloth with light pressure to remove the wax and deep pile to buff to a final finish.

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