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Using the latest coating technology to bring you an innovative and unique wax blend. We have balanced the finest grade hard and soft waxes together with Si02 Crystal Quartz technology. Applying the quartz via wax is extremely effective, wrapping your painted surface in a wax / nano coating, bonding effectively into a super protective and durable barrier.

Until now paint protection with Si02 technology has only been associated with liquid sealant products, however our breakthrough to integrate crystal quartz with wax has resulted in a very unique blend. The signature wax formula gives you the honest results you’d expect from a luxury wax; lustre, gloss, reflection, hydrophobic water beading and tough durability. Now the Si02 structure locks this in with a chemical structure that is resistant to detergents (even pH 14!) & contaminents.

All waxes now come with a free Mammoth Foam Applicator and a SupaSoft Luxury Buffing Cloth.

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