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Venturi 2021

Venturi 2021

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Some of our creations are more than just ingredients, they are investments! Venturi is a very special LTD edition blend which has a maximum production run of 50 jars per year with an absolute maximum of 250pcs ever to be created.

Over the last 10 years we have acquired some of the most exotic and innovative raw materials the world has to offer, some of which are locked away safely and are used for the most special blends. With Vortex and Venturi we use ingredients which are in extremely short supply, and in the case of Venturi we know we can never replace the specific ceramic oil we have remaining in stock.

This unique ceramic oil was sourced from one of our chemical suppliers who can not resupply it, we have enough for approx 250 jars and so it is time to unlock the safe and create our new blend. The small production runs will ensure that this blend will increase its value in the future.

We have taken the wet look from Graphite, the glassy finish from Graphene and the ease of use from Vortex to bring you a luxury wax which deserves prime position in your wax haul.

Water repellency is top drawer, ultra hydrophobic with rapid water sheeting.

The coating is one of our toughest, we use a specific ceramic oil that is unique to Venturi to give the smoothest finish in our range.

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