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Vortex Bespoke Red Marble

Vortex Bespoke Red Marble

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This is a bespoke pour in a custom painted one of one jar.

The jar is painted in a stunning red marble in high gloss, with the wax also marbled in yellows, reds, purples and pink tones. The scent is a sweet juicy passionfruit fragrance with notes of peach, mango, apple and a citrus hint of grapefruit and lime peel.

Vortex is a highly advanced wax coating, our smoothest finish with ultra fast water repellency and long lasting cure.

The core of the formula uses the finest grade natural hard waxes for maximum lustre, these are finely balanced with flexible synthetic waxes and Si02 to give maximum strength, leaving your vehicle wrapped in a uniformed low friction coating that will withstand months of tough wear.

With a ltd supply of the luxury oils used in Vortex, there will come a time when we exhaust our stocks and are unable to offer it, this makes it one of our most exclusive waxes which is sure to increase in value in the future.

If you want something special for your collection, an investment and a truly lovely wax to use then Vortex is a must.

All waxes now come with a free Mammoth Foam Applicator and a SupaSoft Luxury Buffing Cloth.

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